First Aid Measures:

Eyes - Immediately flush eyes with plenty of warm water for at least 15 minutes, holding the eye open. Immediately call a physician and obtain medical attention.

Skin - Gently warm the affected area. Flush with warm water. Obtain medical attention if frostbite or blistering occurs or redness persists.

Inhalation - Remove from exposure. If inhaled, immediately remove to fresh air. If not breathing administer CPR. Call 911 or EMS. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen. Obtain medical attention immediately.

Advice to Physicians - In case of frostbite, place the frostbitten part in warm water. If warm water is not available or impractical to use, wrap the affected parts gently in blankets. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. The use of epinephrine or similar compounds can increase susceptibility to heart irregularities caused by excessive exposure to these types of compounds.