Recommended applications:
Combustion engine of small vehicles with protected area up to 17.5ft³

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PROTENG® fire suppression devices are designed to suppress fires in enclosed areas. PROTENG® contains extinguishing agent FM-200 which is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive gas. These systems are fully automatic and respond to increasing temperatures. The Polyamide tube ruptures when exposed to direct flame, or any temperatures exceeding 194°F, releasing agent FM-200 (heptafluoropropane). This pressurized reaction immediately extinguishes the fire.

Recommended Storage in a cool dry area.  Each device stored at 68°F is pressurized at 73PSI. At 210°F a potential rupture point occurs with 350 PSI. Each PROTENG® product protects a specified area based on amount of FM-200

Please see various sizes and protection areas below:

Product Product Weight FM-200 Weight Tube Length Tube Diameter Protection Area
PROTENG® HD 0.6 290 grams 100 grams 600mm 18mm .2m³ (7.06ft³)
PROTENG® HD I 400 grams 180 grams 1000mm 18mm .4m³ (14.13ft³)
PROTENG® HD 1.25 500 grams 250 grams 1250mm 18mm .5m³ (17.66ft³)
PROTENG® HD 2.45 900 grams 500 grams 2450mm 18mm 1m³ (35.31ft³)
PROTENG® HD 4.9 1600 grams 1000 grams 4900mm 18mm 2m³ (70.63ft³)


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