About Us

Our Mission

Proteng looks at fire differently and is striving to change the industry by providing effective, environmentally friendly fire protection to the masses that stops fire at the source in order to save valuable assets and priceless lives.

Proteng Distribution Inc.

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Our History

Proteng was born in racing. This revolutionary fire suppression device was created out of NEED. The need was to protect valuable racecars, and the priceless drivers from unnecessary harm due to fire AND from the systems in place that were supposed to protect them. Many fire suppression systems caused harm to both the cars and the drivers due to the dangerous chemicals in the extinguishing agents. In addition to that, the other systems are manual, which require an action from the driver. What if he or she unconscious?

We needed a way to protect the drivers and their cars, so we created one. After many trials Proteng, a small tube with a mighty impact, was born.

This is a patented system unlike any other. First, it is automatic. Yes, other systems are automatic, however they also rely on a power source such as a battery or connection to some other form of electrics. Batteries and electrics are a primary source of most accidental fires. Those systems actually create a greater risk! This device is fully automatic, eliminating any risk of electric, electronic, mechanical, or human errors. Proteng is self-contained; it requires no connection to power in order to work. And it works when you are not there. It is environmentally friendly, and you guessed it, other systems are environmentally friendly too BUT we use a fraction of the amount of extinguishing agent. Proteng uses less quantity and is more efficient due to our patented delivery system. We do not expend unnecessary valuable resources; we accomplish more with less. We can literally go on and on about the advantages, but we would rather tell you how we can help you with your individual fire protection needs.

Our devices are designed to protect machinery, engines, computer systems, electronic equipment, and other high-value assets. They require no maintenance and function automatically.

We are a team dedicated to providing solutions to keep people and pets; places and things—the things that you love most—safe from the hazards of fires. Through our passion to serve the world and make it a safer place, we offer Proteng fire suppression systems that work simply, effectively, and are safe for you, the environment, and the things that you love most.

We aim to stop the effects of fire for everyone, from multi-national conglomerates to children riding in a school bus.

Your RV... Your Family... Your Pets... You have a lot to protect!

With Proteng, you get automatic fire suppression to protect all that you love and/or give you the additional time to safely exit your RV.


Why choose Proteng? - Protect your assets, protect your life

It protects where it is needed most—at the source of potential fire. Choose Progeng because it’s better and here’s why. Because it’s faster…Because it’s safer…Because it’s smaller…Because it’s more effective…

Proteng contains extinguishing agent heptafluoropropane, also called FM-200®, HFC-227 or HFC-227ea (ISOname), as well as apaflurane(INN). It is a colorless, odorless gaseous halocarbon commonly used as a gaseous fire suppression agent. It falls in the category of Clean Agents and is governed by NFPA 2001 - Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. It is nonflammable, noncorrosive, and compatible with other materials.